Movildata is specialized in advanced fleet management systems of   industrial vehicles and light vehicles.

We have six delegations in Madrid, Barcelona, León, Burgos, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Granada and Valencia, plus our Our central office in Murcia. Our distributors network is extensive y they distribute our location solutions throughout the national territory. We are in an internationalization project  in Portugal, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.



                                                       Why choose us?


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Great Family of Customers, which include the most important Spanish logistic companies



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I+D Department, dedicated to developing new products and solutions.




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Integrated with the most important ERP Systems. Easy Integration with other business management programs.

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Reliable systems based on market needs, easy to use and intuitive.






Technical assistance staff to respond to all customer questions.






Specific solutions for each type of transport: Cold Chain, waste collection, concrete, animal, trailers ..




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Wide Network partners with over 300 authorized workshops


The advantages of Movildata



With Movildata everything are advantages , the gps location systems allow savings in all operating items of the company and increase productivity and efficiency.


ahorrocostesCost Savings candadoTransport Security

Optimizing the use of the fleet 

• Increased productivity 

• Reduction of fuel consumption 

• Reduced maintenance costs of vehicles 

• Save on phone calls

GPS location in real time 

• Security of Merchandise 

• Vehicle and driver safety 

• Protection of fuel


tiemposReduction of km and times productividadService Improvement

• Optimization of Route  

• Reducing of unnecessary stops 

•Remote downloading of tachograph and driver card online

•Advanced Fleet Management 

• Greater control over the vehicles and drivers. 

• Planning time